The beginnings of youth ministry took place in the mid -1800s, where Churches took note of all the young men working in factories. Laypersons who noticed that these young adults working six days a week and gallivanting about town on Sundays aspired to educate them. And so, early youth ministry began with bringing older children into classrooms to teach them how to read the Bible.

Youth have become an integral part of nearly every church’s ministry programming, and youth ministries continue to have a profound impact on the societies in which they exist.

The Youth at St. Mary’s needs a little gathering as some of our active youth have gone out of the city and the others have shifted their residences. The youth group consists of nearly 15 youngsters, some students and some working. The youngsters come together for Harvest Festival and Christmas, putting up game stalls or selling creative hand made items, the collection which is given to the Church and to decorate and make the Church look beautiful. Some of the youth members are a part of our church choir, which gives a special number for every special occasion and has also won trophies at various inter-church competitions through the years.

The youngsters bring out some editions of the ''''''''Harmony'''''''', a newsletter during the year.

The Youth Group needs more enthusiastic and active youngsters in our group who in their own way add on to spreading our Lord’s love, sacrifice and redemption. You can join us and be a part of us any time. You are most welcome.

We thank God for His help in whatever small things we have do for His glory.