Objects and purpose of the Pastorate.

The Pastorate shall fulfill the objects and purpose of the Church of North India - to proclaim by word and deed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and service which may include educational, medical, social, agricultural and other services and also through worship and other activities of the Church which promote spiritual growth, self reliance, social justice and moral regeneration irrespective of caste, creed or colour.

PC Members

Rev. John Shatananda (Chairman) - 9821130554
Mr. Vijaykar Mani (Secretary) - 9819600025
Ms. Vinaya Chacko (Asso. Secretary)
Mr. Chandrasekar (Treasurer) - 9892248880
Mr. Robin Thombre (Asso. Treasurer) - 9869562247
Mr. Prakash Kakade - 9869562247
Dr. Shakti Waghe - 9969297574
Mr. Andy Shatananda - 9870509721
Mrs. Tripti Shah 
Mrs. Ranjana Brownson (Sunday School Rep)
Mrs. Mini Abraham (Women''s Fellowship Rep)